Summer Essentials(Skin+Makeup+Body Care)!

Hello People!

This post is going to be extremely useful to every one of you! I will be taking you through some of the basic summer essentials and I have divided it into Categories-Skincare, Makeup, Body Care! Keep reading to know more!



Keeping your body fresh, clean and odour free is important as all the sweat and dirt can really get unhygienic! Here are 3 basic things you need.


Think Skin Body was Lemon fresh:

Honestly, any shower gel would work as long as it is gel based! I particularly like using scents like lemon as it feels refreshing! This one, in particular, is really affordable! Click here.

St.Ives Body lotion:

You need to moisturize your body after you cleanse it to restore moisture back! The St.Ives body lotion is super light-weight and gets absorbed into the skin instantly. I tried the Nivea one and found that it is extremely sticky and takes forever to get absorbed! Click here.

Eva Deodorant:

I like using a roll on type deo before using a spray type one. You need deos throughout the year. But, Especially during summers obviously, you tend to sweat a lot and creates body odour. The Eva one is excellent in doing that and the smell is super fresh! Click here.

Skin :

Takin care of your skin is extremely important to be it Summer or Winter! Although the CTM routine is basic throughout the year, It is better to have different products for each of these seasons! For Summers I like to use more lightweight products and keep my skincare minimum! Let’s see the basic things that I have been using for this summer!


Biotique Bio Honey Facewash:

I have been talking about the face wash over and over again. I generally like gel based face wash for any season. Gel-based ones are refreshing and you do not feel oily as opposed to cream based cleansers! This is also an affordable one! Click here.

Plum Green Tea Toner:

Toners are again a part of the CTM routine. This one, in particular, is really good as it removes all the excess dirt from your face! It also closes the open pores! This will not irritate your skin as it is alcohol-free and feels really refreshing. They also say it is best for combo to oily skin. Though your skin may be dry, during summers it is bound to get a little greasy. Hence, Using this toner will help. Click here.

Ponds Light Moisturiser:

Again, You would have to look for products that are non-greasy and light. This is an excellent affordable option for a moisturizer during summers. It is super lightweight and does not feel oily on the skin! Click here.

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Uv Screen Matte Gel :

I love using this sunscreen during summers as it is a gel formula and quickly absorbs into your skin. I have gone through several tubes of this. This also provides an SPF of 50 which in my opinion is absolutely essential for these extreme summers. Click here.

The Face shop sheet masks:

Sheet masks are a great way to feel refreshed. You can pamper yourself with a sheet mask every weekend! Click here.


Look no further for the best affordable lip moisturizer! This is the one. I love slathering this on my lips and it makes my chapped lips feel so much better!


Follow a simple makeup routine for summers. The more products you put on your face the more greasy it gets through the day and ends up smearing all over. Stick to the basics when it comes to makeup during summers. I recommend the following routine:


L.A Girl Pro concealer:

I have spoken about the Maybelline instant age rewind concealer in all my previous posts and that is my number 1 concealer. I feel that L.A Girl one is also just as good and has more shade range. You would definitely find a shade for your skin tone. Just use it to correct your problem areas and you wouldn’t even need foundation! Click here.

Loreal Matte Magique Powder:

This is a nice mattifying powder with SPF. It comes in a nice packaging with a sponge and a mirror. It has good pigmentation and sets your base perfectly! Click here.

Stay Quirky Eyeliner:

This is the best affordable eyeliner ever! It is super black and water-resistant! There are many shades in this as well that you could pick up and have an effortless eye look for the summers! Click here.

Review on the eyeliners.

Stay Quirky Lipstick:

I have a review on these lipsticks. This just surprised me! This is so long-lasting and matte and you have a ton of shades to pick and choose from. I have been wearing the shade: I woke up like this” a lot! Click here.

Review on the lipsticks.

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