Nykaa Hot Pink Sale Haul! What did I buy ??

Hello All!

I have been posting hauls on my Instagram for quite some time now! But, This time I wanted to do the Haul as a Blog post! If you aren’t following me on insta, you definitely should! My Insta Handle is @beautybonkerz!

Let’s jump right into the haul! I do have mini-reviews on the products I purchased as most of it is backups and repurchases! Continue reading the post to know more!

Plum Green Tea Toner:

If you are looking for a budget-friendly toner buy this! This is my second bottle! I still have some left from the old bottle but I couldn’t stand the idea of not being able to use this even for a single when I run out of the first one! Both I and my sister use this toner and it works really well! It is really refreshing and is alcohol-free!

It was priced at Rs 390 293!


Loreal Infallible Pro Spray and Set Makeup Extender:

This is also a repurchase. I have only used two setting sprays: One is the L.A girl one which I completely used up and the other is the LOreal one. I really like the Loreal one better and you got a lot more quantity than the L.A Girl one. I am almost done with my first bottle and I thought what better time to repurchase this than getting it on a discount! I literally drench my face with this and it just sets my makeup so well!

It was priced at Rs.775 543!


Rexona Powder Dry Underarm odour Protection Roll on:

This is also a repurchase. I have used the green variant in this and really like it. I like to double up on my deo’s, especially during summers. I like to use this type of roll on deo’s and then add a spray type deo and it controls body odour beautifully! This, however, was not on sale!

It was priced at Rs.65.


St.Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter Body Wash:

I have already used this quite sometime back and really loved it! You get a huge bottle at a reasonable price! I really love St.Ives products and I have tried so many of them and they are paraben free. None of it has ever disappointed me!

It was priced at Rs.399 299


Gillette Venus Breeze Razor: 

I have tried the Blue razor in this brand and that was the only one that I owned and used! This purple one is even better as it has some sort of avocado gel on the sides and it kind of makes the shaving easier and smoother. You do not need any sort of soap/shaving cream with this!

It was priced at Rs.299 239


Innisfree Jeju Life Perfumed Handcream in Autumn rain:

I have used handcreams from Faceshop and Nykaa and they have worked quite well for me! This particular one is so amazing and better than the other ones I have used. The Nykaa one used to have so much perfume and it used to be so nauseating! The Innisfree one is really pleasant smelling and the smell actually lasts for a long time and it is so moisturizing! It was not on an offer!

It was priced at Rs.300


Mama earth Baby wipes:

I have used Chicco cleansing baby wipes for the longest time and it did work pretty well and it did not burn my skin or anything. The Mama earth one says it is organic and is Bamboo based plus it was really inexpensive! I do really like it and I honestly do not find a difference between the Chicco one and the Mama earth one!

It as priced at Rs.249 199


Juicy Chemistry Lemon and Spearmint Lip scrub:

This one is a repurchase and I used to have a different variant in this lip scrub and I enjoyed it! This particular variant is also good and works well!

It was priced at Rs.325 276


Pac Eyelashes in style 54:

These false eyelashes are also a repurchase. I have come to the realisation that only good quality lashes are easier to put on and work well. I have used this in the past and as I am a beginner with lashes I like to use these sort of natural pairs with a thin band! I have even worn this out and did not feel anything heavy on my eyes! This wasn’t on a discount though!

It was priced at Rs.195


Kara Face wipes Cucumber & Aloe Vera:

This is a smaller pack of wipes that I could carry around! Honestly, You cannot have enough wipes ever! Kara is a good brand for wipes which is why I thought I should give this a try!

It was priced at Rs.110 83


Pac Mini Beauty Sponge:

Nothing blends out my concealer as good as a mini sponge does! I already have a pack of four which I got ages ago! These work so well to blend out your concealer! This also wasn’t on a discount!

It was priced at Rs.285


Lakme 9 to % Primer + Matte Powder foundation compact:

This is my go-to face powder! I have it in the shade Honey Dew and it honestly smoothens and blurs my skin. I have absolutely no idea how it does that!

As I hit major pan on my old one I got a brand new one!

It was priced at Rs 575 420


Maybelline products:

I really love this brand I do suggest this for base products! I purchased some backups and I also did buy some stuff for my sister.

Maybelline Instant Age rewind concealers:

I had been on a hunt for a good concealer for the longest time and I have purchased so many concealers that beauty gurus have recommended in the past. The moment I got this concealer, it has been my go to! This beats the L.A girl one in terms of the formula! Never in my life have I finished up a concealer! I have so little left from my first tube and I was literally panicking about using all of it. Hence I picked up a new one!I use the Shade Caramel.

It was priced at Rs 620 496

Maybelline Fit me Loose powder:

I already have this and it is really good! I got a lighter shade for my sister!

It was priced  at Rs. 695 487

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara:

This is also a backup. I have gone through three tubes of this and I come back to this over and over again! It is the best drugstore mascara I have ever tried and it beats the Loreal Lash paradise which is priced at Rs.800.

It was priced at Rs. 510 357

Maybelline Fit me foundation tube:

I never had luck with this foundation as I never got the right shade for my skin tone! It was either too dark and pink or it was too light! But I do think that it is a brilliant foundation to own! Hence I got this for my sister! This is a smaller quantity and comes in a tube! They also have a 30 ml glass bottle.

It was priced at Rs.299


That’s all for the haul! Follow me on Instagram @beautybonkerz for more hauls!

I hope you enjoyed reading this!






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