[REVIEW]Stay Quirky Liquid lipsticks Review and wear test!

Hello People!!

Today I will be reviewing the Stay Quirky liquid lipsticks. I have also done a wear test on these! Stay Quirky is an Indian Brand and it has a variety of products! I have already done a review on their eyeliners and the black one is something I have been using on an everyday basis and I prefer it over my NYX eyeliner! Click here to read the review.

Keep reading to know more about their liquid lipsticks!


The outer packaging of the lipstick comes in sturdy cardboard with the shade name written at the bottom. The bottom is color coded and it makes it easier when you own more than one shade from the range. It has all the information about the lipstick with a detailed ingredient list. So, If you lose the box you will not know important details like the expiry date or the ingredients.

The actual liquid lipstick comes in a nice cuboid shaped packaging that is black and has the brand name written on it. It also has the shade name written at the bottom. Also, there is a transparent portion on the tube through which you can see the colour of the lipstick which makes it easier when you buy this in person and you do not have testers. This packaging looks exactly like the Nykaa Matte To last liquid lipstick! The applicator is really good and lets you apply the lipstick precisely on to your lips.It has that hole in the center of the applicator that holds the product and has a nice point tip for precise application.


Shade Range/Availability/Price:

The shade range is so amazing! It has over 30 shades and it has a mix of reds, pinks, purples, and nudes! I have got 4 shades from the range! This is available on Purple.com.

The lipsticks are priced at Rs.449 each and you can always find this on discount and is currently available at Rs.292 on Purple.

Formula and wear test:

The formula is not too runny nor is it too thick. I would say it is in between and I do like it. The formula is a little drying but if you moisturize and scrub your lips you will not feel as dehydrated as you would when you do not moisturize.

I have tried two of the shades and have worn it for a long time and I found that it is super long lasting and doesn’t even require touch-ups. If you do not eat or drink in between you would see that the intensity remains the same as it was when you first applied it. However, if you do eat and drink the intensity fades a little bit but the lipstick does stay on! I wore it for 12 hrs straight and it did look pretty decent by the end of the day! I wouldn’t say this is the most comfortable formula ever but that’s sort of the bargain you get with long-lasting lipsticks in the sense that you would have to let go of how comfortable a liquid lipstick is if it is long lasting and vice versa!

Here is the wear test for the lipstick and I wore the Shade “I woke up like this” (One of the most popular shades from this range)


Shade Descriptions:

26 Maroon Drunk in lust: This shade is a nice pink color and would suit a variety of skin tones especially medium to deep.

4 Naughty Conversation starter: This is a peachy version of the previous shade. This would suit light to medium and slightly dark skin tones.

10 Ex Ex Ex: This is a tomato red color that doesn’t lean towards an orangy red or a deeper red. It is just a plain red shade!

3 I woke up like this: This is a beautiful nude shade. It is that typical pinky brown shade and would look gorgeous on all skin tones! This is my favorite shade of the lot!


Overall Thoughts :

These lipsticks are beautiful for their price! The shade range is so amazing and I would definitely recommend it 100%

Rating: 4.8/5


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