[Tips]Does your foundation look cakey or flaky? Skin prep for makeup!

Hi People!!

Does your skin look bad after you are done applying foundation? Do you see dry patches or is your skin peeling off after foundation application? Well, I can help you prevent that! Continue reading my post to find out about skin preps that you can do for a clean and smooth foundation application!!


You will have dead skin which needs to be scrubbed off. By doing so, your skin would feel much more smoother and softer. I usually scrub my face twice a week. I would recommend that you scrub your face the night before/morning well before you decide to apply foundation on your face. Now, if you do not do this the foundation will grab on to those dry patches on to your skin!


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Retaining moisture on your face is so important for the smoother application. Even though you scrub your face, once it is washed off your entire face will not have any sort of moisture. You need to add a layer of hydration to your skin every single day even if you do not apply makeup. Right before you apply your makeup, use a hydrating moisturizer. For my oily skinned girls, do not worry that this step will make your skin oily.No matter what skin type you are, moisturizer is essential. Oily skinned girls can mattify their skin using a mattifying primer. You could do sheet masks once or twice a week for intense hydration. I personally love using sheet masks the night before I would be applying a full beat of makeup!


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Facial oils with the foundation:

If you are skin type is extremely dry or if you are going into winters and your skin gets extra dry from being normal, you could use a drop of your favorite facial oil and mix it in with your foundation to make it glide better. You need to be careful here as over-using the oil will make your skin greasy. Just a drop would do the trick! If you are of oily skin type unless you are going for a dewy look you need not do this!


I have a review on my favorite facial oil here.

Primers and setting spray:

If you need those pores to be filled in or make your makeup last longer, I recommend that you use a primer. There are tons of primers that are available in the market. There are primer oils, silicone based primer that generally smoothens your skin, there are ones that are hydrating. Primers are supposed to be applied right before applying foundation and right after you apply your moisturizer.

Settings sprays are supposed to set your makeup after you are done with it. There are again many different types of setting sprays such as illuminating ones, mattifying ones.I personally use setting spray once after I am done with my base makeup to take away excess powder and really press my base products well into my skin. I also do apply it once after I finish my entire makeup!


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Shave your peach fuzz:

Your facial hair is called peach fuzz. Now, this step is optional! You need not do this if you do not feel comfortable shaving your face! Personally, for me, it does make a difference when I do it. My foundation goes on much more smoother and all my dead skin comes off while I shave my face. When I mean shaving my face I do not mean that I use those razors we use to shave our body. You could use an eyebrow razor. This is much blunter that the body razors. I use these use and throw razors from a brand called Tinkle. I saw that Jaclyn hill used this particular brand in her recent video about shaving her face.


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Above all, you need to have a good skin care routine and protect your skin with sunscreen when you go out. This is what will make your skin look and feel good which in turn makes your makeup look good.

I hope you found this useful!

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