Top 5 Berry toned pinky lipsticks I own!

Hello all!

This blog is going to be all about berry toned/pinky lipsticks! When I want to wear a bold lip, but I do not want red I like to wear these kinds of shades! Also, I am not a person who saves berry toned / deep dark shades for the winters! I like to wear whatever shade I want to wear for that day!

Let’s get into the shades I suggest for berry toned/pinky lipsticks that work across skin tone:

Nykaa Ultra matte lipstick in Cleopatra:

This is an amazing berry toned shade that has a hint of purple in it. This could serve as a statement lip with subtle eye makeup. The formula is a super matte and lasts decently on your lips. It does require touch ups after 5-6 hours. I have spoken more about this range in my blog post about this range. Do check it out! It retails for Rs.599 and you can purchase it on Nykaa’s website.

Link to the product: Nykaa ultra matte


Miss Claire SMLC in 52 :

Miss Claire lip creams are one of those youtube cult favourite. There was a time when every youtuber talked about these and made review and swatch videos about these. These are cheaper alternatives for the NYX Soft Matte lip creams. These are of a mousse consistency and glide on the lips like butter. The only issue with these is that they are not long lasting and requires quite a bit of layering up. Nonetheless, for the price these are awesome! This particular shade 52 is an amazing deep pink shade. I enjoy wearing this shade! They retail for Rs.295 on Nykaa. You also have 64 shades in this range!

Link to product:Miss claire SMLC


Pac Retro Matte Gloss in 17:

Pac is an amazing Indian brand that makes good quality products. It is a professional brand that has a huge range of products! Their Retro matte range is a great option if you are looking for a matte liquid lipstick. The shade range is brilliant and the formula is very long lasting. I own two shades from this range I really like both of them. I wear the nude shade very often. This particular shade is also great if you are looking for a long-lasting formula that does not require touch-ups what so ever. However, like every other long-lasting formula, this one is also drying and is difficult to get it off. It retails for Rs.550

Link to product: Pac Retro matte


Colourpop Ultra matte in More better:

Colourpop is a fantastic brand that makes affordable good quality makeup. The packaging on these products is just extraordinarily colourful and fun! I usually buy Colourpop products because of the packaging and their products have never failed me! Though the brand is not drugstore the prices surely are in the drugstore range! The Ulta matte range is super pigmented and long lasting which means it is obviously drying. Proper exfoliation is required prior to application. I recommend that you remove all of the excess product from the wand and trust that you have enough product for the application. Since these are supremely pigmented a little goes a long way. You could get colourpop from their actual website but be mindful of the custom charges. I mostly ask my friends in the states to buy it for me and bring it when they come back to India. You could also buy it from Instagram stores that sell international brands! It retails for 6.50$

Link to product: Colourpop Ultra matte


Wet n Wild Catsuit lipstick in Berry Recognize:

This is my most worn berry toned lipstick ever! The formula is quite thin and it requires two layers. But once you put it on it will not move. The best part is that in spite of being long lasting it is not drying at all. It feels like you have nothing on your lips. Like I have mentioned in my previous posts this is the best liquid lipstick formula I have come across and is the pricing on it is awesome! This shade, in particular, is to die for. It is not super dark nor is it too pinky. It has the right mix of berry tone and pink! It retails for Rs.499.

Link to product: Wet n Wild Catsuit lipstick



Here are the Hand swatches :

L-R: Nykaa, Miss Claire, Pac, Colourpop, Wet n Wild


Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it!


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