How to achieve a flawless makeup base?

Hello Ladies!

This blog is going to take you through a process by which you can achieve a flawless and long-lasting base! Before we begin with the makeup part of this, I should definitely let you guys know that in order to achieve a flawless base you need to work on your skin first! I would suggest each and every one of you to have a basic skin care routine that works best for you. I have made a post on 5 skin care essentials every girl needs! Do check that out for more information on what basic skin care products anyone needs.

First of all, start with a freshly cleansed face!

Let’s get into the steps to achieve a flawless and long-lasting base:


I have already mentioned how important a moisturizer can be in my previous blog posts! If your foundation feels flaky probably because you have not moisturized your skin. Once you have cleansed your face your skin is most likely to feel a little dry. You have to use a nice moisturizer so that your skin gets enough hydration throughout the day! Also, wait for 5 to 10 mins after moisturizer to ensure that the product is completely absorbed into your skin!

Recommendation: As per usual I strongly recommend my favorite Plum E- Luminance moisturizer! You could use any moisturizer that works for you. Since I have combo skin I like to use this lightly on my T-zone and concentrate more on my dry areas.



I have seen some bloggers claiming that primers actually do not do anything. Personally, I feel that I get that smooth base only when I apply primer. Whenever you want your base to be close to perfection and if you want it to last longer I would suggest going in with a primer. There are many types of primers in the market. There are pore filling ones, hydrating ones, correcting primers etc. You could also use a combination of primers. For example, you could use a pore filling primer around your nose area where you would most likely have large pores and a hydrating one on the rest of your face. Primers take care of the corrections your skin needs and also makes your makeup last a lot longer!

Recommendation: I have been using the Maybelline Baby skin primer and Wet n Wild coverall primer. The Maybelline one is not available in India yet. You could also use the colorbar or Pac primers instead!



Color correction techniques are used for correcting your problematic areas. These are the four basic color correctors that you could pick based on your issue you wish to correct:

  • Green: This color is used to correct redness. You want to use a green color corrector if you have redness on your skin.
  • Orange: I personally use this to counteract my dark circles and hyperpigmentation around my mouth. Again, you would want not want to go for straight up the orange color if you are fair skinned. I use orange as I am on the medium-dark side and I have intense darkness under my eyes. If you are of light skinned and have some darkness you would go for a salmon color.
  • Lavender: This is for dull skin. This color brightens up the skin.
  • Yellow: This is basically used for highlighting under your eyes and parts of your face

Most of you would be needing an orange/salmon color corrector.

Also when you apply this one tip is to take it slow. Build up the product rather than overusing it as you might find it difficult to mask the orange color with your concealer. Trust me I have been there and the area surrounding my eyes looked orange. In my experienece, I have learned the trick to apply a little and blend it with fingers and take out the excess with a beauty sponge. Another tip is to concentrate your application only on the dark areas and not anywhere else!

Recommendation: L.A girl has all sorts of correctors that you may ever need!



Once you have corrected your flaws the next step is to even out your skin tone. You could use a cream or liquid foundation but I personally like liquids. When you choose a foundation for your skin and especially if this is your first time buying a foundation, I suggest you go to a store and get yourself shade matched! Most of the beauty and cosmetic stores try to sell you a lighter foundation shade. Do not be fooled by that! Swatch the foundation on your jawline and check if it blends into your skin seamlessly. If your foundation shade is a little darker than your skin it is workable, but if it is lighter than your skin you would end up looking grey! You could use a flat top kabuki brush or a foundation sponge to blend your foundation. I like to use a beauty sponge. I do have my own tricks to choose the right foundation online. Let me know if you would like to see a post on that!

Recommendation: If you are a beginner and would not want to invest a lot in a foundation you could go for the Maybelline fit me. It has 16 shades and you are most likely to find a shade for yourself. I have not found my perfect shade in the previous launch. I am yet to try out the newer shade and I feel shade 332 Golden caramel would be a good match for NC 42. I have been loving the colourpop No filter foundation currently. But sadly, It is not yet available in India. I use the shade Medium Dark 135 and matches me perfectly! Pac also has an amazing shade range in its foundation and I am in the shade 3.0.

For beauty sponges, I recommend the Pac ultimate beauty sponge. I have used the Eco tools sponge in the video below but It is not available in India. Make sure to dampen your sponge for smooth application.



A concealer has more coverage than a foundation and it could be used under the eyes to cover up dark circles or around the mouth. You could also use concealers on your blemishes and spots on your face. Use this right where we have applied the corrector. I suggest you use a concealer that matches right under your eyes and use a concealer that is 1 or two shades lighter than your skin tone to highlight.

Recommendation: I have been loving the Maybelline Age rewind concealers for a long time now. I have not been able to put these down. I have used the shade caramel to conceal and Sand to highlight! If you cannot find your shade in this you could also try the L.A girl concealers. It has an amazing shade range! I use the shade warm honey to conceal and Medium beige to highlight!



Once you have finished with the liquid/cream products you have to use a powder to set them in place so that they do not move all day! I suggest you use a loose powder under your eyes right after you apply concealer to avoid creasing. You could either use a light dusting of the same loose powder all over your face or a compact powder!

Recommendation: Maybelline Fit me loose powder and Miss Claire loose powder. For compact powder, I suggest the Lakme primer plus matte powder. I use the shade 25 Medium in the Maybelline Fit me and Miss Claire TL-05. I use the shade Honeydew in the Lakme powder!


Setting Spray:

Once you are done with your base you would need a setting spray to take away all the powderiness and give a smooth finish. I like to spray a fixing spray all over my face and press everything in with a blender into my skin! This locks your base and makes it last all day long!

Recommendation: The Loreal setting spray and the L.A girl setting sprays are great!


Completed Look :


Here is a video on my perfect base routine!

That is it for this post! I hope you guys found this useful!




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