[TIPS] 7 Ways to take your makeup a notch higher!

Hello Ladies!

As most of us know some basics of makeup, there are still a few things we do not do which makes a hell lot of difference! Also, there are things that we refrain from doing thinking that it might grab some attention!

So, Let’s go through 7 of such makeup steps that will take your makeup to another level!

1.Take care of your skin :

Even though this is not a part of makeup, it is an absolutely essential step that will make your makeup look good! Makeup tends to go on really well on a nicely moisturized and clean skin than skin with texture, dryness, and flakiness! Invest more time in skincare rather than investing time in doing your makeup. You do not need to do much if your skin looks good. This again does not mean that you need to have a million steps of layering skincare products on. In my opinion, a well cleansed, toned and moisturized face would suffice!

Recommendation: Check out my top 5 skincare essentials blog to know more!

2. Tackle those eyebrows:

You wouldn’t believe how much of a difference it makes when you do your eyebrows when compared to completely ignoring them. This is something I need to do in my daily routine. Obviously, Do not get carried away and overdo them! I am guilty of overdoing my eyebrows too. Just some gentle hair-like strokes to fill them in would be sufficient for you to look put together! Also, Another thing to keep in mind is to not use an eyebrow product that does not suit you in terms of color. Choose your eyebrow powder/pencil/pomade color depending on your hair color. If you have darker hair go for darker eyebrow color which again doesn’t mean black. Using jet black on your eyebrows makes your eyebrows look made up and unnatural. You could instead use grey or dark brown. If you are of lighter skin tone or if your hair color is lighter you might wanna stick to colors like medium brown, taupes etc.

Recommendation: Use any neutral eyeshadow palette and an angled brush

3. Jazz it up a little with some colors:

Don’t be afraid to experiment with some colors. Now, this doesn’t mean using crazy colors like yellow or pink on your eyelids. You could probably start with colored eyeliners for your lashline and pencils for your waterline. You could use colors like brown, to begin with, and move on to deep greens and turquoise and other subtle blues like navy blue or sapphire blue! This draws attention to your eyes immediately and makes it look as if you have put in so much effort when in reality you have just used other colors instead of your usual black!

Recommendation: For colored liquid liners there are many options in brands like Stay Quirky, Maybelline, Miss Claire at affordable prices. For pencils, I would highly suggest the Maybelline gel liners.


4. Nude Eyeliners:

Now, this you could do if you do not want too much color on to your eyes and just wanna look fresh and awake. Do not go for those stark white eyeliners unless you are super pale. I would suggest you go for flesh-toned colors which would look a lot more flattering. It would make you feel wide awake as your eyes tend to look a little bigger!

Recommendation: Again Maybelline gel liners are really good!

5. Subtle smokey eyes:

You do not need eyeshadow at all if you want to just do a subtle smokey eye. You could either use black or brown on your upper and lower lashline and smudge it well and add some nude lipstick. This actually would make it look like you have put some efforts into your makeup!

Recommendation: Any Kajal pencil would do. But I have been using the Elle 18 Kajal or the Nykaa Eyem black Kajal with I feel is one among the best! For brown pencil, I would recommend the Maybelline Gel liner in Glazed toffee.

I have a subtle smokey eye using the Glazed toffee Gel liner from Maybelline:


6. Go bold with your lips:

Wearing a red lip makes any girl feel so confident! You need not wear so much base products or do anything much to your eyes if you are wearing a red lip. The attention automatically shifts to your lips if you wear red.

Recommendation: I personally like wearing a blue toned lipstick! Check out my blog post about my top 5 red lipsticks!

7.Color correct:

Now, If you are dusky you will most certainly have hyperpigmentation around your mouth and most of the girls do have dark under eyes. Use an orange corrector on these areas. Do not go overboard you will need more concealer to hide the orange. Just use a little and blend well. This would avoid the ashiness around these areas!

Recommendation:L.A girl concealers and correctors are great!



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