[REVIEW] Nykaa Ultra matte lipsticks!

Hello Ladies!

This blog post is going to be all about the Nykaa Ultra matte lipsticks that launched quite recently! There were many reviews about these on the Internet and I was a little curious and bought them! I did not buy the entire range though! So, Here is my take on these lipsticks!


The lipstick comes in an elegant cardboard box that has some interesting design, unlike their usual pink packaging. The shade name is mentioned right on top of the box and is color coded. All the information that you might need including the ingredient list and the expiry date is mentioned on the packaging. So, If you decide to throw away the box you would lose all this information.

The actual lipstick comes in a nice bullet form and the cap is actually magnetic like their So matte packaging. Both the bottom sticker which mentions the name of the lipstick and the actual cap are color coded which in my opinion is convenient if you have more than one of these!

Shade Range and Price :

There are totally 10 shades in this range with a mix of pinks, a red and some neutrals. The shade names are named after great women from the world history. I have purchased two shades:


This is a pinky neutral with a hint of brown. This type of shade is what I always buy even though I have probably like 5 of these! This type of shade compliments the Medium deep category of skin tones so well and would look darker on fair-light complexions. This is my favorite shade out of the two that I own and I can get the most use out of this shade as I prefer this type of shade on an everyday basis.


This is a beautiful berry toned shade. This color would look good on any skin tone! But medium deep and dark skin tones would totally rock this shade!

The lipstick is priced at Rs.599. The pricing was Rs.550 when it launched. But, For some reason, Nykaa decided to increase the price.

You can purchase it here.

Formula and Texture:

This has been formulated in Italy and the formula is quite matte. The texture is pretty hard to apply as this is not a creamy lipstick. But, This is not an issue for me as I do moisturize my lips well.

These are not like their So Matte range. These are pretty matte in texture but it does transfer a little bit as these are not liquid lipsticks that dry really matte and stay put!

Also, the formula is not very drying on the lips but I would recommend moisturizing your lips prior to application. I do this for any lipstick!

Staying power:

I wore the shade Diana to my office. I wore it at 2 P.M and had it on till 7.30 P.M.It did not disappear or anything. It did fade away a little bit after 5 hours. If you are going to be wearing this for an entire day you might need touch-ups or you could also apply a layer of this and blot of the excess with a tissue and apply the second layer and again blot of the excess. This would typically increase the wear time of any lipstick.


L-R: Diana, Cleopatra





Overall Thoughts:

I would say that these are good matte lipsticks. But, Do you absolutely need them ?? The answer is No! Unless you want a particular color from the range you don’t need them! The reason why you might not need them is that there are other companies which make matte lipsticks at a cheaper price. I would say that these are a little overpriced. If you are dusky skin you would not find any color really unique but if you are fair skin toned you might like some colors like Nefertiti, Helen, Monalisa! These are some of the peachy nudes that flatter Fair Light complexion and are a little hard to find at the drugstore!

Rating: 4/5




  1. Rightly said.. at 600 these are pretty expensive, especially if you can buy similar shades for less. I liked the shade names though 🙂 Nice review thanks for sharing


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