5 Makeup essentials every girl must own!

Hello Buddies!

Every girl starting out with makeup is probably confused about what to buy and what to avoid! You may be hearing complicated terms like contouring and highlighting. Do you actually need these when you are starting out with makeup? Well, The answer is No! You don’t need them if you are a beginner and you only need some makeup to make yourself look presentable!

Let’s look into 5 products that you will be needing if you are a beginner and you do not know what to buy!

Before we begin I do need to tell you that all of these are makeup products and you definitely need to have a good skincare regime even if you are not wearing any makeup. I will be listing out a simple skincare regime and the basic essentials in an upcoming blog post!


A concealer is basically a cream or a liquid product that is heavily pigmented. This has been created to conceal areas of your face. It could be blemishes on your face, dark circles or hyperpigmentation around your mouth that many of our dusky girls have! I would recommend you to buy a concealer rather than buying a foundation as a foundation cannot cover your problematic areas, but a concealer can do that and you can mix your concealer with your moisturizer to sheer down the coverage and apply it all over your face as a base.

Many of you have a problem with getting the correct shade. I would suggest you go to any MAC store and get yourself shade matched. You could go online and find a shade in any brand by referencing your mac shade. For example, My shade in MAC is NC42(I haven’t got shade matched, but I have bought drugstore foundations that are matched against MAC NC42 and they work for me). You need an L.A girl concealer for your MAC NC42 skin tone. You can go to google and type “L.A Girl Concealer for NC42 and this would give you various results and swatches. This was you can find the closest match for your skin tone in any drugstore brand of concealers and foundations.

Or, You could go to any drugstore like Health and Glow and try the product on your skin and choose a shade that matches you. Do not choose a shade lighter or darker! Lighter shades are meant for highlighting and you do not want to complicate things when you are starting out with makeup!

My Recommendation: L.A girl Pro concealer and Maybelline instant age rewind concealer.


Setting Powder: 

Now, that you have your base ready, you have got to set it. I would recommend you to use a compact powder over a loose powder as loose powder can get a little messy! Concentrate more powder under your eyes as you do not want your concealer to crease! Also, Make sure to buy a powder that matches your skin tone!

My Recommendation: Lakme 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Powder Foundation Compact.



There are many types of lipstick finishes. There are mattes, creamy mattes, satin finishes, metallic lipsticks, and glosses. I would recommend a creamy matte finish because these could be used as cream blushes. If you buy a liquid lipstick, you might not have time to manipulate if you make any mistakes as it dries quickly. With creamy mattes, you could do that as they do not dry down completely matte and you won’t feel uncomfortable. You could also pick up a little and dab that on your cheeks. It gives a healthy look to your cheeks! I would also recommend you to go for neutral colors like pinky browns. Do not go for a completely neutral lipstick with no pink in it as your base is going to be sheer and if you go for a really nude color, it may wash you out!

My Recommendation: Wet n Wild Megalast lipsticks and Maybelline Color sensational creamy mattes!


Left to Right: Wet n Wild in Spiked with Rum, Wet n Wild in Cinamon spice, Maybelline color sensational in Touch of Spice.



Even if you are not into makeup I am pretty sure that every Indian girl loves her Kajal. You could do a lot more with a Kajal besides applying just to your waterline. You could use it as an eyeliner and smudge it a little bit to have a subtle smokiness. Also, you could go very very lighthanded and use it as your eyebrow product if you have dark eyebrow hair. You could apply it on your waterline and smudge it using a Q-tip.

My Recommendation: Elle 18 Retractable Kajal and Nykaa Eyem black Kajal.



A dash of Mascara on your lashes can make a hell lot of difference. It instantly makes your eyes look wide awake. You could also comb the excess that is left on your wand to define your eyebrows.

My Reccomndaton: Maybelline Lash Sensational and Loreal Superstar mascara.


That is all for this post! Please note that I haven’t included things like lip balms as they come under skin care!

Also, You can find all these products on  Nykaa





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