Stay Quirky Badass Eyeliners First impressions!


About the Brand :

Stary quirky is an Indian Brand that has a wide range of products! The price of all their products are affordable and I have read and watched some great reviews on them.

To know more about the brand click here.

Today I will be doing a first impression on some of the eyeliners that I purchased.




Packaging :

The product comes in a nice cardboard box with details like Brand name and the product name written on it. It also has a detailed ingredient list including the details about where it was manufactured, the customer care number, MRP and the expiry date written on it. If you throw away the box you might lose all these information. It has a color-coded bottom with the shade name written on it.

Once you open it you can find a regular liquid liner. But, the brush is so amazing that you can easily draw a nice and precise liner. The color name is also mentioned on the bottom of the bottle.




Shade Range, Price, and availability:

These come in about 9 shades. But, I have picked only 4 shades for myself. They retail for Rs.175  but you can always find them on discount. I got these from and I do not think the Nykaa website has this brand yet.

The colors I have are :

Badass Black: The most amazing black ever. It is so pigmented and the blackest of all the eyeliners I have used. If you are looking for a good matte black eyeliner this is it!

Badass Green: This is a really nice forest green color with shimmers. This definitely requires layering up a couple of times as it is really watery. You do need some patience with this. This is the first green liquid liner that I own so I am not too sure which green eyeliner would be the best.

Badass Golden: This is a pure gold eyeliner with shimmers. This also like the green one required a lot of building up and layering to get some color pay off.

Badass white: As the name suggests it is a white eyeliner with shimmers. I guess this fades away easier than the others.

All of these eyeliners have a good lasting power and is waterproof to an extent.

My favorite color has to be the black one.

Let’s move on to the swatches:


Looks using the liners!

Double wing with the golden and green!


Classic winged liner using the black:



Final Thoughts :

I find these eyeliners to be decent overall except for the black one. The black one is just out of this world and is a must-have. Even if you do not buy all of the other eyeliners, do consider buying the black one. I would try out these eyeliners a couple more times to give you my thoughts on these probably on my Instagram handle(@beautybonkerz)!

Rating: 4/5






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